Annotated Bib #8: “Old People are just slower”: how ageism has taken over the tech world”

Jana Krige. “‘Old People Are Just Slower’:how Ageism Has Taken over the Tech Industry.” Memeburn. N.p., 9 Dec. 2015. Web.

Jana Krige, a copywriter for company called Lima Bean, that specializes in digital strategy, content marketing, web design, and web development and branding. She constructed this article based on a claim that states “rampant ageism has become the norm in digital and computing companies across the globe” (pp.1). To support this claim the author offers a link to Ted Rall’s Silicon Valley ageism report. The article does not offer information worth crediting, because it does not state where the information was lured from. She then makes a claim on how ageism is a form of discrimination, according to the Employment Equity Act and how this has happened around the time in which factories are short of skill. This is seen as terrible consequence for the national economy. The author offers another link to source that is credible. It offers stats on the shortage of skilled workers and how it affects the economy.

The author then talks about the assumptions that are made about older people and technology. The author then says that these are only excuses for discrimination and just like any other form of prejudice in the workplace, this gets overlooked and covered up.

This source is somewhat credible to the research, because of where the writer works. Her place of work makes her writing seem as if she knows what she’s talking about. This article was published only a year, which makes the information worth noting because it’s up-to-date. The author not giving a number of credible sources to support her claims, weakens her argument. The lack of evidence makes the article seem more subjective than objective. I believe that this is a good start for someone who is researching how age plays a role in web design and if modern designs have a better effect on an environment. Also, it is good to note that the website itself may be credible because it focuses on everything digital in the emerging markets sphere.

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