Annotated Bibliography on Walk ability and city planning


Dan Borden, a director of  Innovation and Inspiration for a company called Blue Zones, has constructed a website for others to help redevelop neighborhoods, streets, and cities. This website shows his method of reconstructing and different resources you can look at to learn more about the company. The goal for the company is to build a safe and healthy environment for the people in the community.

This is source is useful when looking at the structure of Auburn Avenue. This street is a very narrow street that is not beneficial to bicycles or cars. The website mentions that “roads are primarily for cars, with pedestrians and bicyclist as an afterthought” and this is true for Auburn Avenue. This source would be good to look at when trying to redevelop Auburn. The structure of the street has a lot to do with the effect that has on its city.

Dan Burden. “Walkability and City Planning.” Blue Zones. N.p., n.d. Web.

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