Collaborate With Us

Student Innovation Fellowship Fellows (SIFs) collaborate with Georgia State University faculty, staff, and students engaged in classroom instruction or research.

How we can help faculty, instructional staff, and GTAs

  • Researching and experimenting with new technologies and/or instructional approaches.
  • Producing digital assets, learning objects, online case scenarios, instructional videos, or other eLearning content
  • Developing and delivering technology training workshops related to eLearning software or integrating technologies into classroom instruction, student work, or student assessments
  • Supporting the work of instructional designers at the IS&T Exchange and pedagogy consultants at the Center for Instructional Innovation
  • Connecting students and instructors with instructional resources on campus

How we enhance academic research

  • Support and staffing for innovative research and/or communications technologies
  • Archiving digital assets
  • Developing and delivering technology training workshops related to research, mapping, visualization, or web communications technologies
  • Training and assistance with CURVE research and visualization technologies
  • Connecting researchers with research-related resources on campus

If you have questions, email us at  Or, if you have a project in mind, please get the conversation started via our SIF Project Proposal Form.


Looking to become a SIF?IMG_20150819_143647274-1fn768f-1024x576

All positions for the 2015-16 academic year are currently full. Check back in the spring, when we will be hiring for 2016-17.