Hi guys,

I am very excited to be put on this project. I’ve been a fan of 3D graphics and game design. This project has all of it. The goal we are trying to achieve with this project is to recreate the soon-to-be-renovated Manuel’s Tavern. This particular tavern has a really deep history root in Atlanta. We also have students working on the artworks in classes and we’ll incorporate them into the project. I am working on the 3D modeling and VR integration part of the project. It started out with the extrusion from the floor plan that Arya from Emory created (thanks!!!).

I added some details and adjusted the ceiling height then put in some textures…

The whole thing is dumped over to Unity for composition. We will use Unity to incorporate the students’ project.


Here’s one of the walls we’re going to hang the students’ project:


We hope to achieve this:


The whole project will be demonstrated in VR with the project information annotated into each picture frame and users will be able to see them as they glance at the picture.


As a 3D graphics enthusiast, I pay a lot of attention to the aesthetics of the models. I tried to make the materials as realistic as I could. Materials play a big role in quality of the scene. Good materials can make scene from looking like this:


To looking like this:



This wall was actually sampled from the wall in my room 😀