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Political Post Meme

Last week in class, we discussed and looked at the current political atmosphere as we get closer to the election. Throughout this election, there have been many people complaining about the candidates and how they don’t want to vote for… Continue Reading →

Political Ad: Hillary Clinton

In this campaign ad, Hillary Clinton is targeting Donald Trump and trying to portray him in a very negative light. I chose this ad because it targets a particular audience. Not only does it target adults with children, but it… Continue Reading →

APEX Museum Self-Guided Tour

Upon entering the museum, the workers provide you with an opportunity. You may either walk around the museum and explore on your own, or you may take this sheet, which is a help if you decide to go on a… Continue Reading →

“The Door of No Return”

All around the museum is various exhibits that explain and show the trials and tribulations that the millions of slaves went through on their journey and their arrival to the United States. One of the most notable is known as “The… Continue Reading →

Map of the Civics Center Walk

This is a map of the walk we did to the Civics Center that we took in the Honors 1000 class. We started off at the Honors College, and we moved towards the Commons, where we discussed the architecture of… Continue Reading →

Protected: About Me

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Syllabus Quiz

What are the major projects? In a bulleted list, provide links to the project descriptions for each of them. –Reading Annotations –Annotated Bibliography –Built Environment Descriptions –Built Environment Analysis How will your final grade be calculated? The final grade will… Continue Reading →

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