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Unit 2 Readings Question

For the second readings, I do not really have any questions in particular. If we read further into the article, would it be okay if we annotated some of the information beyond the two sections we had to read?

Mid-Term Conference

For some of the past projects, such as the BED, is it possible for me to go in and do some extra revision to try and achieve a higher grade? Or is this the grade that I have for that… Continue Reading →

Unit 2 Readings

For the unit two readings, is it possible that one of our little ra’s┬ábe formed as a connection to one of the other group’s readings? I feel as though there are possible connections that can be made and I just… Continue Reading →

Built Environment Description

For the Built Environment Description project, it was mentioned that each of the digital records needs to be included in a separate blog post. Are we allowed to incorporate them into the larger 250-500 word post as a way of… Continue Reading →

Question about Reading Annotation

We were each assigned groups in which to work on the reading annotations. For this, are we supposed to work on annotating together, going through the text and responding to each others annotations, or are we supposed to do it… Continue Reading →

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