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Unit 2 Readings Question

For the second readings, I do not really have any questions in particular. If we read further into the article, would it be okay if we annotated some of the information beyond the two sections we had to read?

Mid-Term Conference

For some of the past projects, such as the BED, is it possible for me to go in and do some extra revision to try and achieve a higher grade? Or is this the grade that I have for that… Continue Reading →

Atlanta Daily World

I nearly missed this important landmark on my trip. A little hole in the wall, the Atlanta Daily World is one of the oldest runningĀ African-American newspapers in the country. While reading about it in several articles on important landmarks on… Continue Reading →

Unit 2 Readings

For the unit two readings, is it possible that one of our little ra’sĀ be formed as a connection to one of the other group’s readings? I feel as though there are possible connections that can be made and I just… Continue Reading →

Blog Optimization

The blog is one of the most instrumental aspects of this course. For this reason, I have worked to optimize and make the searching on my personal site better. For one, I have added a theme to the site. This… Continue Reading →

Information Along the Way

While walking down Auburn Avenue, I almost missed some of these insightful placards. Scattered along the street are several plaques telling the history of some of the important figures and businesses that worked on Auburn. Easily missed, these muted plaques… Continue Reading →

Royal Peacock

One of the first things that struck me during the walk down Auburn Avenue were the businesses that lined the street. There were what appeared to be new buildings situated next to some that were clearly much older. Businesses such… Continue Reading →

Aging Edifices

While strolling down Auburn Avenue, it is easy to see the age on some of these buildings. New businesses are situated next to buildings with boarded up windows, cracking stoops, and iron bars preventing anyone from breaking in and squatting…. Continue Reading →

Atlanta Streetcar

The Atlanta Streetcar was built in 2014 as a form of public transportation. Created in an attempt to alleviate some of the strain on downtown streets, the Streetcar traverses a 2.7-mile long loop, with stops at several places around Atlanta…. Continue Reading →

Class Notes for 9/20

Decided as a class to use singular bibliography rather than bibliographies to categorize the annotated bibliography. Categories provide an opportunity for us to go in and make it easier to find information pertaining to what we want. To make this… Continue Reading →

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