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The King Center- Politics

When looking at the politically influenced landscape of Atlanta, one of the most important sites to look at is the King Center. Martin Luther King Jr. is someone who is commonly thought of when thinking about strong political forces working… Continue Reading →

Political Ad: Hillary Clinton

In this campaign ad, Hillary Clinton is targeting Donald Trump and trying to portray him in a very negative light. I chose this ad because it targets a particular audience. Not only does it target adults with children, but it… Continue Reading →

Ballot Research

On Election Day, there will be a lot of options to vote on, not only on a national level for President, but for the state and local elections as well. In terms of the state elections, there will be the… Continue Reading →

Sounds of the APEX

Upon entering the museum, a guide quickly came forward and introduced herself and talked a little bit about the museum. Before going on the tour, she asked us to follow her to the viewing room, where she would play some… Continue Reading →

APEX Museum

One of the most interesting cultural locations in the Sweet Auburn district is that of the APEX Museum, located on Auburn Avenue. The APEX Museum was founded in 1978, and it has a wide variety of exhibits and displays. The… Continue Reading →

APEX Museum Self-Guided Tour

Upon entering the museum, the workers provide you with an opportunity. You may either walk around the museum and explore on your own, or you may take this sheet, which is a help if you decide to go on a… Continue Reading →

“The Door of No Return”

All around the museum is various exhibits that explain and show the trials and tribulations that the millions of slaves went through on their journey and their arrival to the United States. One of the most notable is known as “The… Continue Reading →

FreedomWalk Plaque

Prior to entering the walkway leading to the front door of the building, there is a plaque describing the building, and its original purpose. With a red brick backdrop, the yellow placard is extremely hard to miss. However, there is… Continue Reading →

APEX Museum

The APEX Museum is located on Auburn Avenue. When initially searching for it, I almost passed by it. Located in an unsuspecting building, the APEX Museum provided an interesting insight into the development of African-American culture in the city and… Continue Reading →

Gendered Advertising Remixer

While exploring the advertising remixer, I noticed several things. Without looking at and hearing these things side-by-side, I probably never would have noticed these things. In the advertisements aimed at girls, there is a bigger emphasis on looks. Many of… Continue Reading →

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