In this campaign ad, Hillary Clinton is targeting Donald Trump and trying to portray him in a very negative light. I chose this ad because it targets a particular audience. Not only does it target adults with children, but it is set up for children to view as well, seeing what things Donald Trump has said. One of the most obviously apparent ways in which this is targeted at parents with children is by showing young people, of many different ethnicities, viewing the videos of Donald Trump. The minds of children are easily influenced, and Hillary and her campaign have done a good job of making Donal Trump come across as someone who discriminates against many groups of people and has a generally unlikeable disposition.

One of the other ways that this ad works effectively is in targeting adults with children. By showing some of the more incendiary things that Trump has said during his campaign, Hillary is making herself appear like a better option for the future of America. All parents want an environment in which their children are able to prosper and work without being judged or hindered. She has rather effectively placed herself in a position that makes her more likeable to the younger generation, which is a necessity. More and more, there is a high level of importance placed on reaching the young voters, as they can make or break a campaign. While this ad may not be the most effective in the world, it works well to show how the candidates pander to different groups with each ad to try and reach the biggest audience possible.