The blog is one of the most instrumental aspects of this course. For this reason, I have worked to optimize and make the searching on my personal site better. For one, I have added a theme to the site. This doesn’t necessarily make the site any better, but it does make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing. It makes it a bit more personal than some of the other blogs that just have the regular Georgia State banner and menu options. I attempted to add more menu options to make navigation easier, but I had some difficulty with that, so I will either attempt to find out how to do it online, or come in during office hours to get help.


One of the other things that I did to optimize the site was adding categories and tags to my posts. I have gone back to some of my earlier posts and categorized them under such things as Annotated Bibliography, Reading Annotations, Built Environment Descriptions, etc. This categorization of posts should make it easier for myself and other people to be able to search the site and find items that are all related to each other. One of the items also done related to this was the addition of tags, which act very similarly to categories. This may also be helpful to readers in that they can search these terms to find other sources discussing these topics.