April 2

Digital Description


Historic Kirkwood Neighborhood is the official website of the Kirkwood Neighborhood. The website can be found at historic-kirkwood.org and the Kirkwood area can be found in East Atlanta. The area of Kirkwood was founded in the 1870s, though when the website was made isn’t on the actual page.

The website opens itself with the info about what Kirdwood is and a small bit about what happens there and how to get involved in it. At the top of the page are many useful tabs that can take you around the site. The tabs tell you about the history, what goes on here, where to eat, and some other useful information if you visit the Kirkwood area. The tabs also have drop down boxes that give you more details about a specific thing related to the main box.


The whole site is very easy to flow through to find whatever you are looking for. The whole page is fast moving and responsive. The tabs give you the general feel of the neighborhood and answer any questions that are related to the neighborhood.

The page is mainly white, gray, black, and red. The monotone feel of the blacks through gray are calm and make the reds that exist on the tabs and few other places pop out. This use of color to pop out important information is very helpful and keeps your eyes from missing something. The site makes me feel really calm and at ease as I export the site. This ease that the site gives me might be me being a bit bias towards the colors black, white, and red since they are my favorite.


The sites main purpose is to tell about Kirkwood and what happens there. The site is mainly used by people who want to move to Kirkwood, people who live there, or people who live in Atlanta. The site targets itself toward to Kirkwood community, due to it being the official site of the Kirkwood Community. The site signals anyone who lives in Kirkwood or those curious about it.

March 5

Decatur Marta Station

The Decatur Marta Station is just like most other Marta stations, which means it was very busy and full of many different types of people.


The Decatur Marta Station is located to the East of the heart of Atlanta. The neighborhood that exists around the stay seems busy and very much alive.



Many of the objects located at the site were for information or for using the space. The picture above show the area you can your Breeze card and the gate you go through with that card. The whole site is laid out in a sequential order, you walk in on the left, get your card from the machine, and go through the gates or if you already have a card with credits on it you go right and enter the gates. Without a card the gate is near impregnable, though trying to force your way  in by climbing might work, but would more than likely get you arrested. Many of the colors represented by this site were neutral colors, gray, brown, white, and black. The area had some splashes of colors like the golden thingy that is on the ceiling, but beyond that the other colors of the color wheel were not found really found.

The over all site felt cold, and was only used as means to travel to others equally as cold and lonely. In this case by lonely I mean nobody other than me stayed there longer than it took to get their train. The large influxes of people that came from the bowels of the station always kind of made me nervous, due to my timid and shy personality. A few people even came up to me and asked for directions, and to the dismay of both of us, I could only tell them that I didn’t know the area any better than they did.

The site is used by any one who wants to get from point A to B, which includes anyone who can be carried through a gate or can use a card. The site doesn’t really need to advertise, because the site is a public transportation site and most people need to get around. The people who need to get from one place to another without a car of their own can be profoundly more mobile than they were on their feet.