April 4

Kirkwood artifact 5


When you go to the Kirkwood Historic Neighborhood’s website, you’ll see this at the bottom of that page’s screen. These talks about special events happening in the area, the neighborhood’s newspaper, the awards that the neighborhood has won, and the neighborhood’s forums, which shows the latest posts made to the forums.

April 4

Kirkwood Artifact 4


These are the Kirkwood Historic Neighbor’s community forums. These are very helpful to people who live there are in the area of the neighborhood. These forums are used by people who live in the neighborhood for events, business, general things, safety, government, and classifieds. These forums are very alive and used at least once per day.

April 4

Kirkwood artifact 3


These are the tabs at the top of the screen that take you anywhere you want to go on the Kirkwood Historic Neighborhood website. These tabs are very convenient, well designed, and stand out in red due to there page’s monochromatic feel. The tabs are very responsive and do not go away till you move your mouse away from them.

April 4

Kirkwood Artifact 2


The picture of Kirkwood historic neighborhood’s Clay cemetery. This picture is displayed at the top of the screen when you go to the page of more details about the cemetery. The picture was taken in the snowy season, most likely winter, of some unknown date. The picture is beautiful and bring the page together.

April 4

Kirkwood Artifact 1


This is the header at the top of the page whenever you go to the Kirkwood historical neighborhood website. This header promotes the exportation of their history, welcomes you, and adds and element of style that makes the whole page feel nicer. The picture is clear on the right and slowly fades to blue where the title is.

March 5

Decatur Marta Station Artifact 5


The Marta station’s stairs and left side area as seen from the right entrance. ┬áThis view give the viewer more of a look at the surrounding walls, lights, and stair rails. The walls were very smooth a well cleaned for such a public area, and the lights provided enough lights to be able to see well.