February 6

Annotated Bibliography 1

Ohmer, Mary L., Warner, Barbara D. Beck Elizabeth.”Preventing Violence in Low-Income Communities: Facilitating Residents’ Ability to Intervene in Neighborhood Problems.”Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare. 37.2 (2009): 162. Advanced Placement Source. Web. 5 Feb. 2016.

This article was written by two Social Work professors and one Criminal Justice professor, the article talks about crime and crime prevention in low income areas. The article start with talking about how something in the past have proven to bring down crime and make things safer, but it also addresses the problems of how somethings that helped another neighborhood may not be able to help another. The authors wrote this to help in identifying problems in a community and to help stop them, for people who protect neighborhoods and for neighborhoods to protect themselves. This article will help in my research of violence in poor areas and how poor or low income deal with the problems in their society. This article is an Academic Journal wrote by people who are experts in their fields who have done many studies on the subjects of criminal justice in more poor areas.

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