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Assignment-Activity 1

The design of the Georgia State University “quad” discourages unity. The arrangements and designs of the flower pads, light poles, signs, long and narrow stairways, horizon, structure, trees, trash cans, and the fountain pool, are all contributing factors of the discouragement the court yard causes for unity.

The design of the Georgia State University Court Yard provides obstacles to unity among students in many ways: The space should be an open wide area, but it is separated by those irremovable flower pads, light poles, signs, and bulletin stands. A walking group of students has to split ¬†in different directions to avoid running into those objects. The entrances to the buildings around the “quad” are either lower or higher in horizon. The stairs to the doors from the “quad” are stretched long only sideways, but not wide enough for students who want to stay out door to work with their laptops. Some trash cans occupy the space below the stairway from Court land Street. The fountain pool in the middle of the “quad” is the main source of group separation. Students don’t always stay together once they come from the library trying to access the Lawn dale Hall Building. The Georgia State University “quad” should be spacious, but the structures and arrangements of the objects on its land make the Court Yard to be congested.


My experience as a Marta bus driver in Atlanta

Serving the public takes a lot of patience and discipline, especially in large city like Atlanta. To be a successful in public service career such as bus driver, security, etc, one needs to have an intensive training on how to serve the public.  Around down town Atlanta, those routes are really the ones, including some Metro routes, that pull out the requirements of the professional bus drivers among the variety of people that ride those buses. It takes certain people to be in public service especially in the transportation industry in diversified area like Atlanta. For example, on route 186 which runs from down town Atlanta to Wesley Charper in Panola, a man argued unreasonably for paying $2.50 for bus fare. He stood by the door way to stop the bus from moving. He held the bus for about 6 minutes. And I had to call Marta police before the departure was possible. Bus drivers are usually trained to stay calm to deal with this kind of situation and get authority involved. Serving in public transportation involved dealing with criminals, violent people, drunkers, and mostly low income people, etc.



Library visit

I spent time with some students in the computer lab on Tuesday, September 21 studying the technical aspect of my English 1102 class. Even though I was off from school.

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