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an active word

efficacy- something that one has that others do not have, a belief that enhance enthusiasm and activeness.


Words from study section

1) devolution-the passing down of authority from the national government to the state or local governments.

2) praxis-the cycle between action and reflection that is fundamental for social change.

3) commiserate-to sympathize with another.

4) poignant-painful, causing physical or psychological pain.

5) impute- to attribute (responsibility or fault)to a cause or source.

6) quench- to cool down, to eradicate, snuff out. get rid of.

7) annihilate- to wipe out, eliminate, or extinguish, decimate

8) multifarious- having many aspects. multifarious noise of a large crowd.

9) agglutinate-to cleave onto. united as if by glue.

10) delineate-specify, distinguish, limn, describe, portray.


Unit 1 FBED

This is Interstate 20 in Atlanta. An over pass is exposed right in the middle of this image. Trucks and construction vehicles are in the opposite or oncoming lanes. There is an exit sign slightly above the upper right hand corner of the picture. A tractor trailer is ahead of two vehicles just passing the exit lane. The car in between the truck and the van behind is positioned as it is going to exit the traffic.


Unit 2 FBED

This is the Decatur Transit Station.

The building is facing towards the street from the subway entrance. East Decatur Station

A white cloth hanging in front the entrance to the back side of the building

A gentleman is walking into the other building. Two poles with concrete at

the bottom the hold the glass verrender to the entrance.

The wheel accessible building has pedestrain cross walk right infront of the

east side of the station. The tree on the left side of the building has a shadow

that creates a nice shade in the field. The green color of the building blend with

the blue sky and a gray metal vender on top of the building. The reflection from

the glass doors make the front view nice and bright for a better out look. The from

yard is designed with solid concrete which makes the guaranteed in foundation.

There is a flower pod with an image of a circle unity tree hanging slightly above it.


Searching for a suitable topic for my final paper

To be successful in any endeavor requires a decent decision. I am went to the library to start my final paper. I’ve got a lot of topics to choose from, but I spent more than twenty-five minutes deciding which one will I have access to. The tools that I will need to explore this topic. But I think I should take time to revisit those topics.

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