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Fairlie-Poplar Historic District

The city of Atlanta has one of the historical sites in Georgia. The Fairlie-Poplar District is named after the two major streets that bound the district right in the central part of Atlanta. This district lies on the North of ‘Five Points’, which is the transfer point for all travelers who visit Atlanta. It is located in the heart of the city. The location and the design of this district has made it very important to guests and travelers who travel to and from Atlanta. The Fairlie-Poplar District is one of the major places in Atlanta that provide the basis traditional and historical information of Atlanta. Because of the enormous historical alertness from the Fairlie-Poplar District, it is visited by about 158 thousand people annually. It was a good choice that I made to select this site for my writing. The Fairlie-Poplar Historic District is an amazing venue for writing project. There are varieties of activities and people of different background. When I visited this site, I was so excited because I had the opportunity to get the real scene of the city in which I have lived for over 12 years. One of the most important and inspiring things about this site is that the district is part of the original foundations of Atlanta. Actually my expectation for the Fairlie-Poplar District was completely opposite to what I experienced when I visited the site. This is a place where people do their normal daily activities, and communicate in one general language, English. But because of the variety of people with different cultural back ground, I could only feel the bound and the unity of the residence in the district by their communication skill through the English Language. The district has many streets, business centers, and so many activities going on. For example, a group of university students was touring the district, and a family was celebrating their grand mother’s birthday as well in the neighboring residential areas.
This District is part of the central business district in downtown Atlanta. Marietta Street lies on Northeast of the district. On the Southeast side is Peach-tree Street/Park Place, Luckie Street is on the Eastern side. The Cone and Spring Streets intersect at the district’s boundary from Atlanta on the northern side. This district is structured in order to allow visitors, student, and potential researchers to have access to it. The many people that I saw were only contained at a particular site-shopping centers or recreation areas. Traffic downtown Atlanta is mostly around the district. This historic site contains many residential and office buildings from the late 19th and the early 20th centuries. Interpretation of prevailing national architectural styles- including Chicago, Renaissance Revival, Neoclassical, Commercial, Art Deco, Georgia Revival, and Victoria Styles, are found here. The buildings of this district also represent the shift in technology from load-bearing Masonry and Timber walls to steel and concrete framing. For example, among many buildings at this site, there are some that are usually visited by students and possibly researchers. Those buildings are: Rhodes Harverty Building, the Empire/C&S Building, the Harley Building, the Prudential /WD Grant Building, the Retail Credit Company Home Office Building and the Elbert P. Tuttle United States Courts of Appeals Building. I feel that’s why the major streets are lain just around it, and the streets within the district are only smaller and shorter for pedestrian’s passage. I felt very comfortable. Patrice, a business owner whom I talked with, told me that weekend is not a good time to visit this area for writing purpose. He said I would have a lot to write if I went during a week day instead of weekend. But the Fairlie Poplar District is a perfect place for Night out. Though, it was visit, but I had a great time.

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