Thursday- Your choice of one of four all-day workshops (9:30 am to 11:30 am; 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm)
Rooms- CETL Large Conference Room, CS405, CS401, CETL Learning Studio

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1. From Dirty to Dazzling: Gathering, Cleaning, Analyzing, and Visualizing Data for the Humanities and Social Sciences

This workshop will be conducted by GSU Library’s Data Services and Support team.

Are you interested in using text and data mining, visualizations, and mapping in your teaching and research? This workshop will provide an overview of tools and methods for creating, gathering, cleaning, analyzing, visualizing, and mapping data in humanities and social science research. It will also include brief hands-on sessions to explore and experiment with different tools used for each stage, such as OpenRefine, Voyant, Tableau, ArcGIS Online, and Social Explorer.

2. Digital Literacy- The Basics

This workshop will be conducted by an interdisciplinary team of GSU faculty who have integrated digital literacy into their courses.

Are you interested in digital literacy and its implications for teaching and learning but aren’t sure where to start? This workshop is for participants who want to learn more about digital pedagogy, or who use a few tools now, but want to start thinking more deliberately about where digital literacy fits into the curriculum. The workshop will be organized as a series of hands-on presentations about lesson plans, strategies, and platforms that have been used successfully to foster student engagement and improve core learning outcomes while helping students to become more critical and competent users of digital technology.

3. Digital Publishing and Portfolios

This workshop will be conducted by David Morgen (Emory University) and Pete Rorabaugh (Kennesaw State University).

Would you like to use blogging, personal websites, and digital portfolios to help your students connect their work to contexts beyond the classroom and take control of their digital presence? This workshop will teach participants about the pedagogical and scholarly applications of platforms like WordPress and initiatives such as the Domain of One’s Own pilot that GSU is implementing starting in Spring 2017. Participants will learn how to set up their own domains and use WordPress to build a personal website and digital portfolio. They will also collaborate on developing lesson plans, syllabi, and model assignments that make use of personal websites and digital portfolios.

4. iCollege

This workshop will be conducted by Valora Richardson, Zoe Salloom, and Kathleen Mapson of GSU’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

Do you want to learn more about how to make the best use of iCollege in your classes? The iCollege workshop agenda will be set by participants. Participants will select from the topics listed below to create a custom workshop experience:

Preparing your iCollege course

  • Navigating the iCollege environment
  • Locating your courses
  • Selecting your course layout
  • Creating a syllabus
  • Using the Classlist

Strategies and tools for communicating with students

  • News items
  • Discussion
  • Mail
  • Piazza

Strategies and tools for collaboration

  • Blackboard Collaborate or Webex
  • VoiceThread

Creating engaging content

  • Adding course documents
  • Creating content within iCollege
  • Creating and using multimedia
  • Adding publisher or other content

Assessment strategies

  • Quizzes and exams
  • Dropbox and Turnitin
  • Playposit
  • Discussions as assignments
  • VoiceThread assignments
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