“Pensar es un Hecho Revolucionario”


At the Parque de la Memoria, I particularly loved this piece of art. Each memorial we had visited and each person we spoke with had stressed the importance, above all else, of education and thought as a form of rebellion. This piece of art, as an expression of that sentiment, stuck out to me. It’s placement on hill, where the sun could easily shine through it and cast a shadow on the ground in front of it helped to fulfill its purpose and message, and the way the sentence was arranged made it so you had to focus on it to put it together. All of the aspects of it emphasized its purpose.

I thought the piece did a good job in representing Argentina’s current culture and climate surrounding their history. In the face of oppression, free will, thought, and justice are the tools that citizens use to overcome turbulence. The piece tied to a quote from Holzman’s article “A Quiet Revolution”: “In a world where regimes continue to massacre their own people with impunity, Argentina’s quiet revolution adds another weapon to the arsenal of deterrence and represents a major step forward for human rights.”

Holzman, E. D. (2012, August 2). A Quiet Revolution. Huffpost Live. Retrieved June 4, 2018.

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