Conference Funding FAQ

 The GEA provides registration reimbursements for graduate students presenting their research at an academic conference. The following FAQ provides details on conference funding including how  and when to apply for a reimbursement.

**Please note that the GEA only covers registration fees; the process on obtaining travel reimbursement from the English department in covered in question 7 of the FAQ.**

FAQs about Conference Reimbursement

1. Who is eligible for reimbursement?

All currently enrolled graduate students are eligible for reimbursement and no form is required. The GEA offers reimbursement fees for conference registrations to English graduate students presenting at professional conferences. Please note, that reimbursement is distributed to presenters only; reimbursement is not offered to attendees.

2. What is maximum amount of reimbursement available?

While there is no maximum for conference registration, funds are distributed on a first come, first serve basis. The calendar year for GEA funding runs from roughly August to April.

3. What do I need to include in a reimbursement request?

To receive conference registration reimbursement, a receipt must be submitted to the GEA treasurer including the following information:

  • Full Name of Organization/Conference. Name must be spelled out. Acronyms only are not accepted. (i.e.: South Atlantic Modern Language Association NOT SAMLA)
  • Proof of Payment. The receipt must show a zero balance or indicate amount was paid in full.
  • Proof of Form of Payment.

If paid by…

  • Credit/Debit – Receipt must have type of card used (i.e.: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc.) and last four digits of car number on receipt)
  • Check – Submit photocopy of back of cashed check
  • Other – Reimbursements for cash, paypal, applepay, or bitcoin are difficult to process. Please pay with credit or check if seeking reimbursement.

Above information must be printed on receipt, not written on by hand. Please ask for specific information on receipt, especially if paying for registration on-site.

4. When do I send in a reimbursement request?

Reimbursement requests must be sent in AFTER student has presented at conference. Reimbursements submitted before a conference will not be processed, and funds will not be reserved.

5. What do I need to include in a reimbursement request?

Request should be submitted to the current GEA Treasurer, Josh Privett. Physical copies of required materials may be placed in Josh’s email or digital copies may be submitted via email to

6. How will I receive my reimbursement?

All reimbursements are made through EFT. No personal checks will be issued.

7. Does the GEA provide travel reimbursement?

Travel reimbursements for gas, plane fare, lodging, food, travel, etc. are not covered by the GEA, but are available for current Graduate Teaching Assistants. However, there is a limit on travel reimbursement. Following the below steps for travel funding reimbursement:

  • Request travel funding at least two weeks BEFORE attending the conference
  • Fill out travel funding request form. Download the form here or pick up a hard copy of the form in the copy room at 25 Park Place
  • Submit travel funding request form  to Senior Administrative Coordinator Chris Burton (Office: 25 Park Place, Room 2341, Email: two weeks before travel.
  • After attending the conference, submit receipts to Chris Burton.

Note that these requests are not processed through the GEA; they are processed through the department. Please do not submit travel reimbursement requests to the GEA treasurer. If you have any additional questions regarding travel reimbursement contact Chris Burton.