Executive Board

Anlicker President
Christine Anlicker

email: canlicker1@gsu.edu

Christine is a third year PhD Student focusing on Literary Studies in English. Her previous experience facilitating the exchange of ideas in public libraries informs her efforts on the GEA board to create opportunities for connection and collaboration among her constituents and the community. She teaches Composition in English and conducts research in Global Anglophone Literatures of the 20th and 21st centuries. By attempting to address the entangled problems of environmental justice and the conceptualization of a global literature through critical postcolonial theory, her research will reconsider the Anglo-Eurocentric and anthropocentric orientation of literary environmentality. She is currently exploring the common metaphor conceptualizing the PhD as a marathon through the experience of training for and running her first full marathon.

David St. John
email: dstjohn1@gsu.edu

This is David St. John’s second year serving on the board for the Graduate English Association.  His scholarly interests include poetry, postcolonial theory and ecocriticism. His creative work has appeared in the journals and on the sites B O D Y, Prairie Schooner, and Hunger Mountain.

Dionne Clark
email: dclark50@gsu.edu

Dionne is a first-year doctoral student in Literary Studies. She spent ten years in public education as an English and Social Studies teacher, and served as Programs Director for the Alabama Humanities Foundation in public humanities. Dionne’s research interests include 20th century American literature, African American literature, Black Womanism and Feminism, and feminist rhetorics. The primary focus of her graduate work and research seeks to explore narratives that have evolved about Black women – through visual and cultural production – primarily in literature, film and art. She’s interested in how Black women respond to these narratives of representation through literature, art, music and other cultural mediums, and the language used by women to interact and/or counteract with these social, historical and cultural representations. Outside of academia, Dionne is a busy mom to her daughter Nia and cocker spaniel Lady.

Events Chair
Josh Martin
email: jmartin118@gsu.edu

Josh Martin is a second year PhD student in Creative Writing. He has published poems or has poems forthcoming in The Raleigh Review, The Cumberland River Review, The Kentucky Review, and elsewhere. In his free time, he likes to work on his street photography and ruminate in cool bars around Atlanta.

Josh Privett
email: jprivett1@gsu.edu

Josh decided to pursue a Ph.D. in American literature after working for two years in the publishing industry, where he co-authored a high school American literature anthology. His academic interests are in twentieth- and twenty-first-century American literature, especially postmodern fiction. In his free time, Josh and his wife, Autumn, spend his small stipend on coffee, coffee, and more coffee—and on new toys for their two cats, Agnes and Margot, who suffer from ennui like the Wes Anderson characters they’re named after.

Communications Chair
Jennifer Olive
email: jolive1@gsu.edu

Jennifer is a Ph.D. candidate in English with a concentration in Literary Studies and a 2CI New Media Fellow at Georgia State University. In regards to her own research, Jennifer’s academic areas of interest include digital humanities, postcolonial literature and theory, and trauma studies. Her current work looks at the application of narrative theory in computational environments, especially as it relates to trauma narratives. Her dissertation work proposes to look at the intersections of postcolonial narratives, trauma theory, and posthumanism in videogames. For more information on Jennifer, please visit her website.