Executive Board


Shari Arnold

email: sarnold10@gsu.edu  

Shari’s experiences in corporate training and development led her to pursue graduate work, and she is a first-year PhD student focusing on Literary Studies in English. Her primary research focuses on how pop culture informs and complicates the intersections between race, class, and gender, with a specific emphasis on stereotypes of African American women in literature, television, and film. Her pedagogical approach prioritizes the use of difference and diversity as a powerful teaching mechanism, and she seeks to continue promoting safe spaces for marginalized voices throughout various academic spaces. Shari enjoys cooking, traveling, and music festivals in her free time, and she volunteers as a mentor to high school students in various Metro-Atlanta organizations.

Jennifer Carter
email: jcarter54@mygsu.onmicrosoft.com

Jennifer is a doctoral student, working on her PhD in Rhetoric and Composition. In addition to working as a tutor and the research coordinator for the writing studio, she also serves as an assistant editor at Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy. Although Jennifer has many academic and research interests, her current work aims to apply a Foucauldian lens to the intersection of spatial rhetorics, identity politics, and WPA work. Outside of academia, Jennifer enjoys attending live shows, particularly concerts and drag shows. No longer finding enough time to maintain her status as an avid gamer, Jennifer instead devotes what spare time she has to practicing Lotus Self Defense, in which she has a yellow belt, and watching Impractical Jokers, of which she is utterly obsessed. She also has two cats, Sage and Oscar, who own her heart. 


Carlye Schock
email: cschock2@gsu.edu   

Carlye is a PhD student in the Literary Studies concentration. Her research interests include multiethnic women’s writing, feminist theory, the intersection of race and embodiment, and birth narrative. Her most recent projects focus on pregnant bodies in twentieth century American discourse, and manifestations of racialized reproductive politics in the American south. She has been teaching in various capacities—both at the high school and college level—for the past ten years, and considers engaging students in conversations about race, gender, and language an important part of her pedagogy. When not in the classroom, she loves to travel home to warm (and not humid!) Southern California, write a little poetry, and spend time with her two daughters, Emmaline and Coralea.  

  Events Chair 
Brittny Byrom
email: bbyrom1@gsu.edu   

Brittny is an M.A. student focusing in Rhetoric and Composition. In addition to working as a tutor for the Writing Studio and a GTA for Lower Division Studies, she also serves as First Chair of the New Voices Graduate Conference committee. Her primary research interests are theoretical pedagogies, teaching compassion in the composition classroom, and exploring social writing strategies. When not on campus, Brittny she can be found attending conferences, watching Netflix with her cat, and practicing photography.


Stephanie A. Graves
email: sgraves15@student.gsu.edu  

Stephanie is a PhD candidate in English with a focus in Rhetoric and Composition studies at Georgia State University, and is graduate of the MA program at Middle Tennessee State University. She is particularly interested in rhetoric in film, television, and popular culture, which is informed by her background in theatrical design.  Her varied research interests include the grotesque and the southern gothic, horror, film and television, and queer and feminist studies–and particularly where these modes and ideas intersect and establish identity in fascinating and complex ways. She is fond of cats and particularly enjoys writing about herself in the third person.

  Communications Chair
Ben Leake
email: bleake1@student.gsu.edu   

Ben is an MA student in Literary Studies and a tutor for Panther Academic Support Services for GSU athletes. His research focus is in French post-structuralist thought with a special interest in the work of Jacques Derrida.