Google Search Tips and Tricks – Mad Skills in the Age of Information

In the digital age, one of the most important skills is having the ability to find just the right information at the instant you need it.  The problem is that when everyone is a knowledge producer and places their content online, there is simply an overabundance of information to sift through.  So how can you quickly find what you need?  What would be great would be a tool that would search through all of that information based on criteria that we specify.


Raise your hand if you’ve heard of Google.  I hope everyone is raising their hand right now.  If not, let me Google that for you.  Google is the perfect, but not only, tool for finding information on the Internet.  It is clearly the biggest player in the search engine game, so like it or not, becoming an expert at crafting Google search terms is super useful.

We recently worked with some faculty members who took on the challenge of supporting their students as they become expert Googlers.  In their field, it is critical that students be able to find information to guide their decision-making.  These professors are planning to very actively cultivate the skill of Google searching among their students.

To support their efforts, we created a couple of Google search tips and tricks handouts, and we’d like to share them just in case they may be useful to you and your students.  Click on the links or thumbnails below to download and use these Google search job aids. Enjoy!

Google Search Tricks Google Search Tips

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10 comments on “Google Search Tips and Tricks – Mad Skills in the Age of Information
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  2. Gifari says:

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  4. Husen Darmawan says:

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  7. Desy says:

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