Class notes February 3rd

February 3rd Class Notes


The notes I have taken are what I heard and how I interpreted it. These notes do not cover 100% of everything that was said in class and not word for word. Some things on here have the possibility to be wrong. I am only human.

Today in class we discussed:

  • Researching for Annotated Bibliographies
  • Built Environment Description

Researching for Annotated Bibliographies 

Took 10 mins to write down ideas that could be used for search terms. Brainstorming places for the built environment description. Annotations do not have to summarize the whole article, they can focus on the built environment part of the article.

Research terms for the example used in class (Relocation of minorities): Minority displacement, demographic distribution, city policy, urban planning.

Wikipedia is a good source to use. However, you should always check for sources or use the sources used. Also when using Wikipedia, its good to add to what it has to say.

Do not use EasyBib.  The library bibliography can be copied to be used.

AB 1-3 Due: Friday February 5th.

Built Environment 

Questions that arose:

Q: For the built environment, should it be more pictures or words?

A: There should be pictures accompanied by descriptive text or sound. This is so that people can experience what its like to be in that space.

Start working on taking pictures and doing research so that you can submit posts before the description.

Due: Friday February 12th


For the rest of class we did research.

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