The Beaumont Children

On January 26, 1996, Australia faced one of its most famous tragedies. The┬áBeaumont’s children were kidnapped and never to be seen again from the Glenelg Beach. Parents Jim and Nancy Beaumont had three beautiful children; Jane (age 9), Arnna (age 7), and Grant (age 4). They all grew up in a loving home and in a community that looked out for each other. In most countries, it is common for children to walk up and down the streets without parental supervision; so to see three minors alone, no one thinks to second guess it. Since Jane was the oldest, she was responsible for taking care of the rest of her siblings. “They left their family home at Somerton Park at 10:00am (Williamson).

From left to right: Jane(age 9), Arnna(age 7), Grant(age 4)