Dr. Eric T. Morton, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Eric T. Morton

Dr. Eric Morton is Associate Dean for Enrollment Management and Associate Professor of Philosophy at Georgia State University, Perimeter College. He previously served as Department Chair of Humanities, and also as Director of Enrollment Management. He completed his Ph.D. in Philosophy at Johns Hopkins University.

As Associate Dean for Enrollment Management, Dr. Morton is responsible for the oversight of a variety of academic functions at Perimeter College such as class scheduling, class cancellations, faculty allocation, faculty overloads, and the maintenance of DegreeWorks and the academic catalog. He works closely with Perimeter College’s Dean and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, the Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration, and the Department Chairs.  At Perimeter College he serves on the Executive Council and the Budget Committee.  He is also a primary liaison to the Student Success division’s leadership team. He has served on the University Senate, on Perimeter College’s Executive Committee, and on the Strategic Planning Committee.

Dr. Morton continues to teach Philosophy courses on behalf of the Department of Humanities, and to engage in research in Philosophy. His philosophical interests cover a wide terrain, but are primarily focused in the areas of ethics and social and political philosophy. He has interests in the work of John Rawls (and his critics), and in 19th and 20th century European philosophers (especially the Marxists, Frankfurt School critical theorists, and the existentialists). He also has interests in the works of Friedrich Nietzsche and the American Pragmatists. His dissertation addressed issues in the philosophy of mind and language and the important contemporary work of John McDowell. He is a faculty affiliate of the Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics.

Georgia State University
Perimeter College
TEL: 770-274-5490
Email: emorton@gsu.edu
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