Project details

Class: Psych 2050 –  Honors Intro to Drugs and Behavior

Student: Katie Wagner

Instructor: Chris Goode

Institutional Assistance: Honors, Digital Literacy Initiative

Technology: Prezi, Zaption, Ubuntu Linux, R, RStudio

Students in Chris Goode’s Honors Intro to Drugs and Behavior class were asked to pick a drug and present an interactive talk highlighting the major themes of the course- drugs are drugs, nothing is safe, US drug policy is complicated, there’s a physiological basis for all behavior, and nothing is unnatural. Katie’s Prezi on heroin presents some of the basic information we should all probably be aware of considering our country’s current opioid epidemic. Originally Katie’s Prezi had a video component. Unfortunately, the Zaption part of her presentation is now unavailable because the platform was purchased by another company. That’s fairly common when using new technologies.

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