Fresh Murph’s 34 in 1 Men’s Shower Gel

Project details

Class: Film Production 1

Student: Parker Estopinal

Instructor: Ruth Dusseault

Technology: Panasonic Lumix dmc gh4 Digital Camera, H4N Field Recorder, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects

Parker Estopinal’s project was selected for the 2016 GSU Student Film Festival and has been shown at several local galleries and museums. Students in Ruth Dusseault’s Film Production class were asked to conceptualize, shoot, and edit a complete video using methods taught in the course. Beyond learning how work with a crew, Parker is most proud of the acutely timed editing that helped to punctuate the humor in the video. What starts as a slight exaggeration of product advertisements we are bombarded with on TV, becomes much more disturbing as we learn about more and more uses of Fresh Murph’s.

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