Instructor portfolios

Share your students’ projects with Edge, and we can show the world some of the amazing work happening at GSU.

As teachers across the university develop Edge-y digital assignments for their courses, we can more easily collect, curate, and showcase the best of our students’ work. Developing online portfolios of impressive projects is easy to start and there are many benefits. A portfolio provides you a growing collection to use as models and content for future classes, as well as examples of what happens in your classes to show administrators and colleagues.

Look for workshops on the CETL calendar or contact Instructional Designers about creating digital assignments or developing an online portfolio.

All GSU students and faculty have a free account on Portfolium where they can showcase projects. Other free or inexpensive platforms like WordPress or SquareSpace are great for building portfolios as well. We are collecting a list of instructor portfolios of student work, so send us a link when you create one!

Example instructor portfolios


Brennan Collins

Jody Brooks portfolio

Jody Brooks

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