Conference Presentations:

2015 Georgia Teachers of Mathematics Conference                                                                       

Hannah Oldham: Make Problem Based Learning Work for You

In the classroom we feel the pressure of time.  While we may want to bring in problem based learning into our classrooms, the concerns of time, application, and implementation is always a consideration.   Through this session, effective strategies and real examples of effective implementation of problem based learning strategies and assessments will be presented.  Session attendees will receive actual lessons and rubrics that can be implemented immediately in the classroom.


Mariana Stone:  Conference presentations

Challenges and Perspectives Towards Common Assessment in a Spanish Course at the University Level – February 2017
At 20th Annual Conference of the Americas

Task-based Language Teaching in the Language Lab (co-presented with Nicholas Hu) – March 2017
at FLAG (Foreign Language Association of Georgia)

State Associations:
Elected Chair for the Foreign Language Academic Advisory Committee to the Board of Regents


Primary Investigator for the Textbook Transformation Grant Round Six ($30,000 for Spanish)
Recipient for Textbook Transformation Grant Round 5 ($10,000 for French)


UNG Presidential Innovative Incentive Award ($5000)