Library Access information – post-graduation – online access not available due to licensing agreements. Here are some options that we do have:
Come in person to the Atlanta campus or other GSU campuses:
Our licensing agreements allow visitors to come in person to use our databases on site.
  • The GSU Perimeter campuses (Alpharetta, Clarkston, Decatur, Dunwoody, Newton) allow visitors free access anytime their libraries are open. They mostly have the same database options that you get from the downtown campus. If you live close to one of these campuses, this is likely your best option. I doubt your researchers would need anything that Atlanta has that those campuses don’t have.
  • For the Atlanta campus, K-12 teachers can come in person to the Library Administration office to get a Special Borrowers card. That Special Borrowers card will allow access to the building anytime except for the week prior to final exams and the week of final exams. My understanding is that K-12 public school teachers get this Special Borrowers card for free. (Others have to pay.) Alumni members holding an Alumni card get the same privileges as Special Borrowers. However, the Alumni card costs…the new grad cost for alumni membership is listed at $20 for membership through May 2018:
Visit another research library:
Most libraries allow visitors to use their library databases in person, and some research libraries have better access than GSU. I have had good experiences with going to Emory for databases not available through GSU. Emory also had better full text access for what I needed. Try whatever school you live near…Emory, Georgia Tech, AUC Woodruff Library, Kennesaw State, Clayton State, etc. Call the library that you want to use before going because access policies vary by library.
Gather resources before you visit:
You can save time before visiting a library by using the free version of ERIC (, Google, Google Scholar, and other freely available tools to gather citations and as many freely available PDFs as you can. I find it helpful to store them in Zotero (free) or Endnote.
Denise Dimsdale
Education Librarian-ALG Library Coordinator
Georgia State University
University Library South-Suite 542