The Dunwoody PS department offers vibrant programs of study leading to an associate degree in Science. Each curriculum offers students the flexibility to study the fundamental areas of Chemistry and Physics as well as other science streams. Such a well–rounded experience can prepare the student for a broad range of career opportunities.

Department faculty members are committed to the two-year of education program, and several have won awards for teaching excellence. The faculty maintains close contact with students to help them achieve their best.

Graduates of the Chemistry associate program can pursue such diverse careers as forensics, Nano science, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals in industry or governmental organizations. Additionally, many continue their education in the chemical or biological sciences, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, and law. Chemistry, especially when combined with the biology can create a superb preparation for medical school.

Physics students learn the principles of physical science and astronomy to create a solid foundation in basic physics and mathematics. These courses prepare students to succeed in jobs like designing and improving scientific instruments, electrical plant operations, computers, and industrial computer programs. Additionally, students may pursue more in-depth and extensive study to become part of teaching and research in academic environment.

In our ISCI 2002 course, faculty teaches basic principles of physics and chemistry such as waves, energy, matter, solution etc., which can qualify students for an early childhood education major or to excel as a science teacher in elementary schools.