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16 Tons – Earnie Ford

Pine Lake City makes smart ecological decisions. The Pine Lake community is concerned about environmental issues.  Classes for students who learn about the solutions and remediation methods.  Student receives certificates for completion of the course.  The students research and explore solutions including community gardens, creek remediation and open space planning.  Drinking water quality is frequently tested and reports are distributed in the community bulletins. Animal and Pest control are managed by community volunteers and contractors. The beach walking trails, and fishing access are maintained by the city.
Pine Lake citizens are environmentally conscious and practice ecological activities to maintain pristine conditions.  Erosion control is a great example drawn from the last flooding event.  Citizens and city maintenance sandbagged Lakeshore drive to hold the lake ecological boundaries.
Pine Lake city address an array of environmental concerns as listed below;
Parks and Beaches
Stream and Lake dredging
Swimming and Fishing areas
Flood planes
New construction inspection
Eco Camp project
Street and Road closure
Rivers and Wetland control
Community Clean-up projects
Leaf disposal project
Permaculture Plan for Pine Lake
Water Quality Report
Pine Lake “The Blog”
The Pine Lake residents participate in environmental activities and are informed about community and current progress of environmental projects.
Geologic survey of rock deposits at the shoreline. Five samples were taken from random locations around the lake.



The sampling results found three rock types; Rhyolite, Tuff, and Gabro were the most common types found.
1. Rhyoite is a Felsic, extrusive lava rock with Aphantic texture.
2. Tuff is Mafic, intrusive magma rock with multi-texture.
3. Gabbro is Mafic, intrusive magma rock with Porphyritic texture.
The remaining rock samples had the same properties.

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Smart ecological decisions. You can see the final plan

Geologic Survey Data