Disaster Preparedness

Disaster and Consequences Undergraduate Honors Colloquium at Georgia State University

Dr. Betty Lai and Dr. Ann-Margret Esnard led this honors interdisciplinary seminar in order to educate undergraduate students to how children are effected and then cope with disaster. Hurricane Katrina being the center point for literature and discussion within the class, students were exposed to the trials and issues with being displaced directly after such a devastating storm. They were then challenged to create videos on how they would prepare if a disaster were to strike and disturb their family’s routine and way of life.

Disaster Preparedness for Healthcare Workers by Maya Kelkar


Don’t Forget Your Pets: How I Prepare my Family for Disasters by Peyton Raley


My Preparedness by Alia DeBurro


My Preparedness Story: Disaster Planning for Serious Medical Conditions by Ryan Savage


My Preparedness Disaster Briefcase by Richard Ortiz

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