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Capacity-Building and Outreach

As a part of the Disaster-SMART Schools Project, we are proud to partner with the William Averette Anderson Fund, which seeks to expand the number of minority professionals in the field of disaster and hazard research and practice. Natasha Malmin, a PhD student on the project team, will begin the program as a fellow in October 2016.



Selected Resources and Articles

Video from WSBTV: Researchers Analyze How Communities Recover from Natural Disasters
Released September 6, 2016 on WSBTV.com

Principal Investigator Dr. Betty Lai speaks to Channel 2 WSB-TV Atlanta about the Disaster-SMART Schools project and its significance for understanding not only academic recovery from Hurricane Ike, but also future disasters.


Press Release: Georgia State Researchers Get Grant to Study What Helps, Hinders Post-Disaster School Recovery
Published August 31, 2016 by Georgia State University News

This press release summarizes the main goals, activities, and methods of the project (now known as the Disaster-SMART Schools project) funded by the National Science Foundation to study how schools can recover and return to operations faster following natural disasters.


Disasters and kids — how to help them recover
Published August 16, 2016 on TheConversation.com

This editorial by Disaster-SMART Schools Principal Investigator Dr. Betty Lai examines recent Baton Rouge/Louisiana flooding in the context of larger body of research regarding childrens’ mental health post-disaster and offers suggestions for helping children be more resilient after disasters.



Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

*Denotes student author

*Wyczalkowski, C., Holm, E., Esnard, A.-M., Lai, B.S. (In press). Uneven neighborhood recovery: damage from natural hazard events and neighborhood change in the Houston-Galveston region since 1970. City and Community.

Lai, B.S., Esnard, A.-M., *Savage, R., Wyczalkowski, C.,  *Shah, H. (In press). Trajectories of School Recovery After a Natural Disaster: Risk and Protective Factors. Risk, Hazards & Crisis in Public Policy.

Esnard, A.-M., Lai, B.S. (In press). Interdisciplinary approaches to examining post-disaster school recovery. Risk Analysis.

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Lai, B.S., *Osborne, M.C., *Lee, N., Self-Brown, S., Esnard, A.-M., Kelley, M.L. (2018). Trauma- Informed schools: Child disaster exposure, community violence, and somatic symptoms. Journal of Affective Disorders, 238, 586 – 592.

Esnard, A.-M., Lai, B.S., *Wyczalkowski, C., *Malmin, N., *Shah, H. (2018). School vulnerability to disaster: Examination of school closure, demographic and exposure factors in Hurricane Ike’s wind swath. Natural Hazards, 90(2), 513 – 535.

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Lai, B.S., & *Vakamudi, H. (2015). A nuanced definition of resilience. Academy on Violence and Abuse Research Review, 5, 1 – 3.

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Self-Brown, S., Lai, B.S., *Harbin, S., Kelley, M.L. (2014). Maternal posttraumatic stress disorder symptom trajectories: The long-term impact on youth following Hurricane Katrina. International Journal of Public Health, 59(6), 957 – 965.

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