Welcome to the web home of the Disasters and Statistical Models of Academic Recovery Trajectories in Schools (Disaster SMART Schools) Project! Disaster SMART Schools is a cross-disciplinary project funded by the National Science Foundation that brings together researchers in Georgia State University’s School of Public Health and the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies to characterize school recovery after disasters.

We invite you to:

  • Explore the aims and scope of the Disaster SMART Schools Project on our Project Description page.
  • Find out about our project staff on the Leadership Team and Project Team pages.
  • Visit the News and Events page to stay apprised of the most recent developments related to the project.
  • Learn more about the Disaster SMART Schools Project’s capacity-building and knowledge-sharing efforts on the Outreach and Resources page.
  • Watch Disaster Preparedness videos prepared by Georgia State University undergraduate students.

From left to right: (top) Robyn Cathey, Hazel Shah, Michelle D’Amico, NaeHyung LeeBetty Lai (middle) Christopher Wyczalkowski, Jeremiah Williams, Natasha Malmin, Ryan Savage, Richard Ortiz, Michelle Livings (bottom) Melissa Osborne, Rachel Davis , Ann-Margret Esnard, Philip Hudson

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