Learning objectives for ENGL 1103

These are the  learning objectives that Jody and I are using for 1103 (DI) — I’m not sure if those outside of English have seen them. We are teaching a “synced” class–we share a syllabus and an Honors assistant, and work together to develop assignments.

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • engage in writing and design as a process, including various invention heuristics (brainstorming, for example), gathering evidence, considering audience, drafting, revising, editing, and proofing.
  • engage in the collaborative, social aspects of writing, and use writing as a tool for learning.
  • use language, imagery, and sound to explore and analyze contemporary multicultural, global, and international questions.
  • demonstrate how to use writing aids such as handbooks, dictionaries, online platforms, and tutors.
  • gather, summarize, synthesize, and explain information from various sources.
  • use grammatical, stylistic, and mechanical formats and conventions appropriate for a variety of audiences.
  • critique their own and others’ work in written, oral, and digital formats.
  • produce coherent, organized, readable prose for a variety of rhetorical situations.
  • reflect on what contributed to their writing process and evaluate their own work.

Our students have: made an etymology timeline using Storymap JS, written a “significant objects” narrative and done online critique/presentation, and a narrative collage focusing on fragmentation/building cohesion through digital elements (sound, voiceover, HTML5, etc.). Next, they will make a persuasive film trailer (response to podcast). Their final project is a bit TBA–we know they’ll be presenting an argument on a cultural product/production and that they will use some of the skills we’ve covered/include at least one new one–we might have them choose between podcasts, websites, and longer films.

Sorry I had to miss the first meeting!