Woodruff Park Fountain

This sound comes from the fountain, behind the “Robert W. Woodruff Park” sign. It was windy at the time this was recorded, so the sound of the wind is in the recording too.

Woodruff Park: Built Environment Description

Woodruff Park, named after Robert W. Woodruff and located in the center of Downtown Atlanta, opened in 1973. It is a very well known place, used to host various events and everyday activities. In the park there is a playground, two fountains, an area to play chess and a pavilion. The interesting thing about the playground is that it is formed by the letters “ATL”, which looks pretty cool. It has a wooden look, various shades of brown, with a splash of color on the back and it fits well with the scenery around the park. Playground provides a safe place for kids to play. To ensure their safety, there is a sign near the playground that has rules for them to follow.

The best thing about Woodruff Park is the scenery. What I believe contributes mostly to this is the two beautiful fountains. If you ever want to just sit back and enjoy the outdoors, the fountain is a good place to be. It is also great for taking photos, especially for tourists. There are tables and chairs nearby that allow people to sit and relax in the park. You can just close your eyes and listen to the sound of the water in the fountain or use the park as a calm and open place to get your work done, instead of staying inside.



Another feature of the park is the pavilion, where you will see people playing chess. When I was there observing the park, I noticed that area was the most crowded. It was full people and it was very loud and lively. After noticing this I realized that different areas of the park attract different types of people. Woodruff Park is a place for pretty much anyone of any age because it has many aspects that appeal to all types of people’s needs. I saw this for myself when I went there. In one area there was a family sitting together near the fountain and a kid at the playground. In another area, there was a guy jogging past the park and a guy doing what looked like a mix of aerobics and martial arts. People are also able to bring their pets to the park, as long as it is on a leash and they clean up after their pets. There was a sign in the park with this rule on it. Near the pavilion, there was a large group of older men talking and laughing.There are also homeless people in the park that hang out in that area. The pavilion seems to be  the area that is crowded most of the time.

Overall, Woodruff Park is place for everyone and is a relaxing space. As long as the rules of the park are followed, everyone can enjoy themselves. With that being said,there is also a sign with the park rules and regulations. I have noticed that signs with rules on them is common artifact in the park.

While I was in the park, I decided to sit at one of the tables near the fountain. I felt really relaxed and peaceful. I sat there for about thirty minutes, observing that area, before I got up to walk around, and it felt like I was only there for five minutes. I was so relaxed that I lost track of time.I think I will go back to the park again another day.


All photos taken by: Destiny Dickens

Woodruff Park Playground Rules

Photo taken by: Destiny Dickens

Photo taken by: Destiny Dickens

Woodruff Park Rules and Regulations

Photo taken by: Destiny Dickens

Photo taken by: Destiny Dickens

Woodruff Park Playground


Photo taken by: Destiny Dickens

This is the playground for kids in the park. According to the sign nearby, it is only for kids 12 and under. Also, they have to be with an adult. It is interesting because it spells out “ATL”

Woodruff Park Fountain (2 of 2)


Panoramic Photo was taken by: Destiny Dickens


Click the link to see a video of the fountain: 20160212_155721

Video was taken by: Destiny Dickens


Woodruff Park Fountain (1 of 2)


Photo was taken by: Destiny Dickens


This fountain is located in on the end of Woodruff Park that is across from 25 Park Place. It is a great place to take a picture! 🙂

Woodruff Park Observations/Notes (for B.E.D.)


These are the notes I took when I went to observe Woodruff Park. There are also thoughts and comments that I had based on the things that I saw or experienced while I was there.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Time: 3:00 pm – 3:36 pm

Observations/Notes: Thoughts/Comments:
A man is jogging past the water fountain that curves along a wall (across from Starbucks) Maybe that’s his normal route he uses for jogging daily of weekly
Little boy playing at the playground by himself He looks about 5 or 6; not a lot of kids his age come to the park (he could be an only child or have older siblings)
A group of men near the gazebo thing beside the construction site It’s a very large group; most of them look homeless (maybe all of them are)
There are people walking through/past the park with backpacks They might be students at GSU; Some of them might have a class in Aderhold
A guy with a dog on the leash Maybe he brings his dog here all the time
A man, woman, and little girl The little girls looks around 3 or 4
There’s a security camera above the curved fountain that is across from Starbucks To keep watch over the area
I just heard a man shout “Aye girl!” I thing he was talking to me but I’m not going to find out
Lots of trees To provide shade
The playground is shaped like the letters “ATL” It looks really cool

Time: 3:50 – 4:17 pm

Observations/Notes: Thoughts/Comments:
I smell coffee Probably because I’m the one drinking it
Near the gazebo thing men are shouting I don’t know what they are saying. It sounds/looks like two of them are arguing (don’t know what about). It would make a great video but I don’t want to anger them further by recording them (probably not the best time to ask permission)
The grassy area of the park doesn’t have many people Probably because it’s a Friday and many people don’t have class or because it’s getting chilly again and the sun is going away . It’s usually a lot of GSU students walking through the park to get to Aderhold
I keep seeing this same man everywhere I go in the park. When I turn around he is there behind me from a distance. Hope it’s not the same man that yelled “aye girl!” at me. Hope he’s not following me
Security guard nearby At least the park is somewhat safe; probably depends on the time of the day
A woman pacing back and forth talking on the phone  —
A person bundled up in several layers of blankets Not sure if they’re a woman or man; their face is covered; maybe they are homeless
A man is doing a handstand on what looks like a pull-up bar (he’s using it as a pull-up bar) Maybe this is what he normally does on Fridays or every day; it looks
Mostly older men in the area They look middle-aged or older; appear to be homeless
The park is not a busy as usual Not a lot of people here; it’s not usually very full around this time on Fridays and the weekend; or it could just be today
I hear the water falling at the fountain It’s a nice, relaxing sound
There is another fountain closer to the main part of the park It’s a good spot to take a picture; both fountains are nice
There is a man sitting near the fountain I think he just scowled at me (oh well)
Sign saying “all pets must be on a leash” and “please clean up after your pet. Pet waste transmits disease” Makes sense; wouldn’t want to step in dog poop; also didn’t know that it transmits disease
Sign with playground guidelines I wonder who actually reads it
Another sign with rules and regulations for the entire park. It also has the times when the park is closed and says that the park is a drug free zone Probably a drug free zone because it has a kids playground ; I wonder if some of the people stay during the closed hours

Other thoughts/comments:

  • Even though the park isn’t really busy, there are still a few interesting things going on
  • This park is fairly large with different aspects
  • It is easy to see that there are several different uses fro this park
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