flyer2The CURVE centerpiece technology, the interactWall is a large-scale, touch-enabled video wall that is flexible and easy to use — yet powerful enough to render complex models and visualizations. The wall itself measures 24 by 4.5 feet (~25 million active pixels), allows for multiple simultaneous touch users, and requires no special knowledge to get started. Users have the option to control the interactWall in a Window 7, Mac Maverick, or Linux Ubuntu environment.  The control PC, Linux, and Mac Pro machines offer CURVE’s ever-growing suite of software applications.


The interactWall is a true visualization system that integrates and displays content from multiple sources including the CURVE 4K workstation and virtually any personal computing device such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

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Reserving the interactWall
The interactWall may be reserved by students, faculty, and staff engaged in research, digital scholarship, and original creative activities. When accommodations can be met, the interactWall may be reserved for workshops, invited speakers, one-time class lectures, and other related educational and training purposes. To request a reservation, visit the CURVE Reservation System.

The interactWall allows presenters to convey information in interesting and dynamic ways.  Our staff can work with you to maximize the interactive properties of the wall.  For those wishing to use PowerPoint, download the interactWall PowerPoint template so that your content will expand across the entire interactWall.

interactWall Technical Specifications

  • 2 x 6 wall consisting of twelve 55″ LCD displays
  • Pixel space dimensions: 24’ W x 4.5’ H
  • Square feet: 108 (approx.)
  • Total resolution: 11520 x 2160; total active pixels: ~25 million
  • Combined bezels: 5.5mm (max)
  • Optically bonded with anti-reflective glass – for touch capability and protection
  • Touch sensor frame for multi-touch, multi-users


interactWall Visualization Software and Controller

The CURVE interactWall uses CineNet Collaborative Visualization Software (from CineMassive). CineNet software:

  • allows researchers to aggregate and display visual information from both physical hardware sources and network-based clients
  • provides a network-based solution and intuitive interface for users to manage their content on the CURVE interactWall and the video wall to be controlled via networked computers within the CURVE space
  • provides both a live and preview canvas in the graphical user interface, allowing users to view what is live on the interactWall as well as set up new data sets on the preview space
  • supports multiple client applications simultaneously that can be viewed and controlled from the Alpha Video Wall Processor
  • allows users to drag, drop, expand, and duplicate content across any part of the video wall pixel space
  • provides advanced region extraction controls that allow users to isolate and enlarge particular regions of interest from their information sources to help filter out distractions and focus the audience’s attention on the details that require scrutiny.

The Alpha Video Wall Controller from CineMassive is the hardware layer for CineNet. The Alpha is multi-HD image processor that can capture and display content from any device or multiple devices simultaneously at any scale on the video wall canvas. Sources can be freely scaled to any size across displays in multiple video wall arrays simultaneously.

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