Data Services & Support

The University Library’s Research Data Services Team supports research and learning across multiple disciplines involving quantitative, qualitative, business, and spatial/GIS data. Visit this page for more information about our data services, and browse our calendar for drop-in assistance hours and workshops offerings.

Digital Scholarship Services & Support

Spencer Roberts, our Digital Scholarship Librarian, offers support for digital projects, including funding, planning, assessment, publishing, research methods, resource management, user testing, web hosting, and training. He also provides support for specific tools and skills such as:

  • audio editing (Audacity),
  • web mapping (Carto, Neatline, StoryMapJS),
  • text analysis (Voyant, R, Python),
  • data analysis (Excel, R, Python, Plotly), and
  • web publishing and exhibits (WordPress, PressForward, Scalar, Omeka, TimelineJS, Juxtapose,, MediaWiki)

If you have digitization needs, contact Kathryn Michaelis, our Digital Projects Coordinator.

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