Georgia State University User Groups

Do you want to join a group of GSU community members interested in a particular software package or educational technology frontier? Maybe you’d like to start one?

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The Exchange acts as a central place to locate existing interest groups and can act as a partner for groups that desire a presence across the university. These are different than clubs, or student organizations. This is strictly for groups looking for some space to gather best practices, learn about services offered across campus, bring in guest speakers on a topic, and generally get together to discuss the ways that a particular technology affects learning in all its various forms. These groups differentiate themselves not by the affiliation of its members, but by the common technological or educational aim. If you would like to start an interest group, please email us.  To find out more about the existing groups on campus, follow the links below.

Groups on campus

Data Visualization

Logo for Data Visualization User GroupThis group is cosponsored by Decision Support Services and focuses on the many ways that data can be visualized by both researchers and educators. Meetings focus on sharing best practices, connecting with data visualization groups in Atlanta and at other higher educational institutions across the Southeast. Through this group, the GSU community can also find out what software and other resources are available for their data visualization needs. Learn more at

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