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Online Classroom Spaces

I remember the first online course I took, as well as the first hybrid course I took. I was filled with anticipation as I logged on to those first classes. What was online and hybrid education? How did it work?

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How to Train Your Dragon

At the Exchange, we have a number of tools that can help you to create truly exceptional eLearning content.  I’d like to share one of the latest additions to our suite of tools, Dragon Naturally Speaking, and in particular talk about

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Taming the Looming Grading Beast

With the optimism and re-invigorated spirit that comes with the start of a brand new semester, it’s a great time to add tools to your toolkit that can make your faculty life easier and keep a spring in your step.

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water, water everywhere….

a very detailed graph showing the hype cycle

A common problem in the world of technology, not just among educators, is the overwhelming sense that there are too many tools. We are constantly bombarded with more options about how to create a presentation, how to edit your photos,

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Who doesn’t love a game about disease?

the Vax name with a network node showing an infected element

The spread of disease isn’t just fun for zombie movies anymore, oh weary traveller! When it seems like the only epidemic we’re seeing on TV is the spread of fear of Ebola, rather than an actual discussion of the disease

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New Grant for Creating eBook Texts announced today

icon of a book, dark blue

In today’s meeting of Affordable Learning Georgia (ALG), a grant was announced for creating or converting existing texts to eBooks for free distribution to students in an effort to make learning more affordable for more Georgia students. Awards provide $5000

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Cool Tools: Word Lens

Folks who have attended our seminar on Teaching with iPads have heard me talk about the major benefits of mobile devices and how they relate to learning. Particularly, the characteristics include: Location awareness Remote engagement Continuous updates Collaborative Creative Informative

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Google Search Tips and Tricks – Mad Skills in the Age of Information

In the digital age, one of the most important skills is having the ability to find just the right information at the instant you need it.  The problem is that when everyone is a knowledge producer and places their content

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Interwebs – fun friday link

Here’s a link to a video just to make you think a bit about technological change Best line is at 4:14. Trust me.

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Interwebs – NYTimes – Young Minds

If you aren’t a reader of The Stone, the NYTimes weekly opinion column where “contemporary philosophers and other thinkers on issues both timely and timeless” or something or other, you should probably pat yourself on the back – it was

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