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VoiceThread Workshops

Interested in using VoiceThread in your course? Not even sure what in the world VoiceThread is, or why it needs to be CamelCased? Check out these great workshops happening this summer! You’ll love them, and then your students will love

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Twitter in the Classroom

If you currently think of Twitter as that social media tool where presidential candidates are doing battle and that place on the web where political operatives for the various candidates are trading digs you would, in fact, definitely be fully

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Create Infographic for Data Visualization

Images are sometimes more explanatory than texts. More and more people like to create infographic to convey complex information. Infographic not only includes text and images to transmit abstract information but also makes the entire graphic more visually appealing. Below

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Mix it Up

This week’s cool tool is a must have for anyone looking to turn PowerPoint presentations into videos with narration. Sure you can use tools like Captivate to import slides and add narration and extras but that process can be time

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Listen, Lynda!

You may have thought that this instant, internet sensation was saying, “Listen, Linda!” but I would like to think that he was trying to share his love for – I know I am. is a free tool available for

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Sequential Art: Improving Student Storytelling/3 Comic Creation Tools

Improving Student Storytelling Skills During the past few decades comics, comic strips, and graphic novels have come into their own as a modern literary genre. More recently, educators have begun incorporating graphic storytelling into the classroom using both pre-existing texts and student-created comics.

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Google Keep

Overview Google Keep is a simple notes and reminders tool that seamlessly integrates with the Google suite of applications. Clean and uncomplicated, this tool nevertheless has a variety of educational applications. Overall, Keep is a useful organization, time management, and inspiration

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Gone are the days of static math problems…

Yep, you heard right. No more graph paper and pencils. No more painstakingly plotting individual points of an equation to see it visually. Now students and instructors can create, copy, and tweak graphs and interactive problem sets using Desmos – and

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Coggle: Beautiful, Collaborative Mindmapping Tool

Are your mindmaps getting a little stiff? If so, try Coggle a shiny, feature-heavy, cloud-based concept mapping tool. Here’s the low-down on this free app: Pricing Coggle Free Coggle Free is, well, free! This option includes basic functions – more

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Cool Tools: Skype Public Beta of (near)Realtime Translator

Everybody is now bored with instant messaging and video conferencing. We all just text, right? Well, if the good folks from Microsoft and Skype have anything to do with it, the idea of IM being an afterthought app that you

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