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Multimodality: The Power of images, sound, media and environment

Multimodality is an inter-disciplinary approach that understands communication and representation to be more than about language. Multimodality provides complex fine grained analysis to get at the details of texts and interactions in which meaning is understood as being realized in

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Contented: Rethinking PowerPoint for Online Learning

When you think about adapting your course for online delivery, one of the first things you probably think about doing (or dread, depending), is retooling your powerpoint presentations as narrated lectures. I say this because it’s the number one thing

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Use of Social Media in Your Course

Social media has been widely utilized in teaching and learning. Doctor (2013) stated that the advantages that social media brings to education include easy communication, immediate information update, and high flexibility with a variety of devices (e.g., smart phones and

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Where We Learn

So let’s think about designing a course. What do we need to discuss? The learning objectives, content, assessment strategies, delivery methods, and the audience among other things. When it comes to online learning we often discuss how we can leverage

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Contented: Choose Your Own Adventure!

You wake up with a shock in a pitch black room. How did you get here? Although you can’t see a thing the room feels cavernous and drafty. In a panic you decide to stand; unfortunately you bump your forehead

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