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Using 9 Events of Instruction in Your Online Course

Before we further talk about Gagne’s 9 events of instruction. Let’s see the video below and identify how these 9 events can be applied to train cats. Robert Gagne is an educational psychologist and well-known for his book, “Principles of

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Teaching: Creating Rapport With Weekly Update Videos

My Experience At a former institution I taught a Freshman Experience course year after year and had a fabulous time. In particular, I found great fulfillment in the deep connections I formed with my students both in and out of

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Nonlinear Presentations: A Presenter’s Best Friend

Let me set the scene… You are the keynote speaker at the latest and greatest conference in your field on a topic near and dear to your heart – you even wrote a book on it! You plan to cover some

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Mix it Up

This week’s cool tool is a must have for anyone looking to turn PowerPoint presentations into videos with narration. Sure you can use tools like Captivate to import slides and add narration and extras but that process can be time

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Listen, Lynda!

You may have thought that this instant, internet sensation was saying, “Listen, Linda!” but I would like to think that he was trying to share his love for – I know I am. is a free tool available for

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Coming Back Home

Last summer the CII’s instructional design team moved from Library South to the fourth floor of the Aderhold Learning Center. While we’ve enjoyed the proximity to the many tasty restaurants on Broad Street we are happy to announce that we

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Book Review: Teaching in a Digital Age

On one Wednesday afternoon, some of my friends who teach or design online courses in other institutions were talking about the books you may recommend to novice instructors in online teaching. This free eBook, Teaching in a Digital Age, was

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Contented: Choose Your Own Adventure!

You wake up with a shock in a pitch black room. How did you get here? Although you can’t see a thing the room feels cavernous and drafty. In a panic you decide to stand; unfortunately you bump your forehead

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