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Images are sometimes more explanatory than texts. More and more people like to create infographic to convey complex information. Infographic not only includes text and images to transmit abstract information but also makes the entire graphic more visually appealing. Below two infographics examples are created by two tools”” and “ Venngage”. The data result about the growth of students enrolling online/distance courses comes from the Educational Center for Educational Statistics. Brief introduction of each tool and its pro and con will be discussed below. is a free web-based inforgraphic tool which includes free templates and objects for users to use and customize. Users can directly drag and drop the objects, texts, charts, etc (see Figure 1). In addition, 15 templates are offered for users without any charge. There are free and pro versions in The difference between free and pro versions is the amount of templates and objects with or without charge.

Figure 1. Templates and tools in

Figure 1. Templates and tools in

Pro: You can drag and drop multiple things in such as arrows, shapes and connector lines. Additionally, you can add text and change its fonts, colors, text styles and sizes. The tool also allows users to upload your graphics and share inforgraphic you create in different ways (e.g., URL, embedding code, sharing in social media). The infographic you create can be exported in pdf. or .jpg formats.

Con: In free version, you only have 15 free templates to use. Also, users have some limitations in using objects. You may upgrade to pro version if you need more templates and objects to use.


Venngage allows users to create and publish infographics. More than 1000 templates are offered to users. However, only a couple of templates are free in the free version. In addition, hundreds of chart and icon options are offered. Users can easily drag and drop these chart and icons into canvas and customize them.

Figure 2. Templates and Tools in Venngage

Figure 2. Templates and Tools in Venngage

Pro: “Drag and drop” is definitely a fantastic function for users to quickly design and develop their infographics. A high collection of templates and icons provide more options for users to use on their infographics.

Con: “Export as pdf. or .jpg files” function can be only available for “Premium” version, although users can still publish their infographics in Venngage, embed them in your personal websites, or share them in the social media.

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