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Instructional Design in Competence-based Education and its Challenge

Competence-based education (CBE) was initially developed in order to bridge the gap between the labor market and vocational and technical education and nowadays is utilized in interdisciplinary fields. Competence is defined as the ability that one person can effectively use

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Critical Media Literacy Conference: Two Awesome Sessions

Zombies. Megachurches. Soap Operas. Not your typical academic conference topics – unless, that is, you’re considering the broad field of cultural studies and critical media literacy. In this post I’d like to present a quick intro to critical media studies

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The Accidental Graphic Designer

In the era of digital media, there are a growing number of people not trained in the graphic arts, but who are called on to design infographics, invitations, charts, Power Points, flyers and any number of digital or printed artifacts

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Creating online student/class portfolios

What happens to an assignment after it is submitted by a student? More often than not the student is given a grade or maybe some feedback for revision. Students then move on to the next thing that will be graded. The previous

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Use of Social Media in Your Course

Social media has been widely utilized in teaching and learning. Doctor (2013) stated that the advantages that social media brings to education include easy communication, immediate information update, and high flexibility with a variety of devices (e.g., smart phones and

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Cool Tools: Clarisketch

Overview Have you ever needed a quick and easy way to annotate and explain a visual concept, plan, or process? If so, Clarisketch is a painless solution to all of your annotation needs. Here’s a quick (and silly) Clarisketch I

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Creative Play at Work and in the Classroom

Joyful Ululations On any given Friday you might walk into the CII and find the Course and Program Design Team drawing for 15 or 20 minutes. More likely than not you’ll see 4 or 5 of us crowded around a

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Where We Learn

So let’s think about designing a course. What do we need to discuss? The learning objectives, content, assessment strategies, delivery methods, and the audience among other things. When it comes to online learning we often discuss how we can leverage

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Nonlinear Presentations: Leveraging them in Class

In case you missed last week’s post, a nonlinear presentation can be a useful teaching tool that allows you to drive what you want to cover in a presentation (especially when circumstances change) rather than your slide deck. A normal

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Create Infographic for Data Visualization

Images are sometimes more explanatory than texts. More and more people like to create infographic to convey complex information. Infographic not only includes text and images to transmit abstract information but also makes the entire graphic more visually appealing. Below

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