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Tool Users vs. Homo Sapiens and the Megamachine

Introduction Should the human body shape technological innovation or should technology shape the human body? Theorist Lewis Mumford wrote extensively on this question in the early to mid-20th century. In this short post I’d like to very briefly explore Mumford’s thinking, focusing in

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Innovative Instructor Series

Once upon a time, there was a place called the Exchange. It was in what most people thought was the basement of Library South. I wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking that – even I blame the basement-ness for the Vitamin D

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Creating Welcoming Brightspace Environments

The conversation covered tips on how to design and organize course content on Brightspace.

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Google Keep

Overview Google Keep is a simple notes and reminders tool that seamlessly integrates with the Google suite of applications. Clean and uncomplicated, this tool nevertheless has a variety of educational applications. Overall, Keep is a useful organization, time management, and inspiration

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5 Myths about Open Educational Resources

Myth 1- Quality does not matter. OER repositories such as Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT) provides over 40,000 materials in 19 different material type categories which include animations, simulations, open textbooks, etc. The OER’s shared to

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Three Ways of Being With Technology

Scenario 1: You’re a faculty member at GSU and your insurance company has just offered to knock $100 per month off the price of your Health Insurance. There’s a catch, though: In order to get this discount you must register

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Gone are the days of static math problems…

Yep, you heard right. No more graph paper and pencils. No more painstakingly plotting individual points of an equation to see it visually. Now students and instructors can create, copy, and tweak graphs and interactive problem sets using Desmos – and

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