Cool Tools: Skype Public Beta of (near)Realtime Translator

Skype LogoEverybody is now bored with instant messaging and video conferencing. We all just text, right? Well, if the good folks from Microsoft and Skype have anything to do with it, the idea of IM being an afterthought app that you may or may not download if your job requires it ends now. The reason? Skype just opened up it’s preview of a (near)realtime voice translator to Windows users world-wide.

“What is this (near)realtime voice translating that you speak of, Will?” I hear you asking (or is that my coworker who is annoyed that I say everything that I type). Well, it’s actually pretty amazing. Check out the first public demo that they did last year and think of how you could use this in research and the classroom:

Now then, this is still in preview mode, and the preview is only for Windows users, but it signals a commitment to the idea. So, if you can think of ways to incorporate this into your classroom or research, please share your idea with us. We’d love to hear your story!

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