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Cool Tools for 3D Printing

So you just discovered that your friendly neighborhood faculty support center (i.e. the Exchange) has a 3D printer.  What are you gonna do about it?  Good question.  How could 3D printing help your content come to life? Option 1:  Print

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3D Printing at the Exchange!

    Want a 3D digital experience without the need for pesky glasses? Why not just interact with your digital creation in Real Life™ – the way that nature intended height, width, and depth to be exeperienced!   That’s right

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Cool Tools Poster Session at the Innovative Instruction Conference

This morning the Exchange presented a Cool Tools Poster Session at the Instructional Innovation Conference put on by the Center for Instructional Innovation and the Exchange.  We had several requests to make our interactive poster available online, so here you go:

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The Exciting Conclusion of Code Camp

This semester the Exchange experimented with a new format for learning technology called “Learn with the Exchange.”  The idea for “Learn with the Exchange” is to choose a topic that we at the Exchange basically know nothing about but would

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Heartbleed – check your favorite sites to see if you need to change your password

In case you missed it, there is a major security vulnerability in the underlying structure of how the internet handles user account passwords. It may sound like gibberish if I start talking about SSL, so here’s a link to a

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Cool Tools – Missing in Action edition: MindMeister, MindNode, Evernote, Skitch, & Penultimate

Well, as the continuing build up of responsibility takes hold in the later part of the semester, our online Cool Tools classes have been, let’s just say, less highly attended. After wiping away our tears, we decided that this in

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Code Camp – amCharts challenge – 3/31/2014

Hello, Code Campers.  We haven’t blogged about what’s been going on at Code Camp for awhile because, let’s face it, we’ve mostly just been slogging through Code Academy.  This week we tried something new. Each of us has our own

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