Code Camp: Javascript – Session 3

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It’s almost time for Code Camp session 4, but we don’t want to lose sight of what was accomplished in our last Code Camp session. Code Campers continued to move through Code Academy’s track for Javascript and we ended the session with most participants having completed the Choose Your Own Adventure activity, employing confirms, prompts, if/else statements, console logs, variables, and created feedback forms.

Where the first lesson from Code Academy had us all wondering about how to practically apply the code we were learning, the second lesson helped us use our skills to build a product, which was a reinvigorizing process. We also talked about how we could use our collective coding skill to build an app together as a part of our learning, so that we can blend our skills acquisition work with a concrete goal of our choosing. Accordingly, we ask all code campers and potential code campers to be thinking about what sort of problem you would like solved through our group efforts, and in today’s session we can discuss this in more depth.

Sticking with the process of learning any type of skill is difficult and the dedication of folks to continue along this path I personally find encourages me to continue along this path. So, we hope that working together does the same for you – so that you can go further in your learning about code than you ever have before! We look forward to seeing you again this afternoon!

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