Cool Tools – Online (Pedagogy Bytes)

At the Exchange, we spend a lot of time exploring new technologies and imagining ways that they might support teaching and learning at Georgia State.  This series of very short, 20-minute, online demonstrations is designed to not only share some links to cool tools but also offer suggestions as to how they might meet pedagogical aims.  And, since we’re hosting them online using Blackboard Collaborate, you’ll also get a sense of how synchronous online classes can be mediated using this GSU-supported tool. If you want to participate, great!  Just enroll in each session you’d like to attend using the session’s unique registration link on the site.  We’ll add you to the attendee list and send you a participation link prior to the session.  To make sure you get a spot, please register at least a day in advance.

1/14/14 – ShareStream

Sharestream is our campus media server.  You’ll learn how to add media to your Sharestream account and easily share it with individuals, classes, or other groups of people.  You’ll also learn how to set up a Pick and Play account that will allow your students to add videos to a course account for review by the instructor or class participants.

1/21/14 – Piazza

Piazza is a unique Q&A environment for asking and answering course questions.  Students leverage their shared knowledge and collaborate on a single student response to questions.  Instructors can provide their own answers to questions or simply endorse the community-generated response.

1/28/14 – Yammer

Think of Yammer as Facebook for small, private groups.  Features include a news feed and push notifications for smartphone apps as well as capabilities for polling, calendar creation, collaborative document editing, and much more.

2/4/14 – SkyDrive

Georgia State University has a new way to store and share documents in the cloud.  Learn how to add, edit, and share documents.

2/11/14 – Collaborate

Teaching a fully online course with a synchronous component?  Want to hold virtual office hours or exam reviews?  Interested in having virtual meetings or inviting a speaker to your class who lives out of the area?  Collaborate can do all these things and more!  This session will demonstrate the functionality of Collaborate and offer some tips for facilitating engaging and meaningful online sessions.  For a more in-depth presentation, consider enrolling in one of our 1-hour Collaborate ONLINE sessions.

2/18/14 – TurnItIn & GradeMark

Teach your students about plagiarism, find out how much of a student’s work was taken from outside sources, and learn about an easy and quick way to give students comments on the papers they submit via the D2L Dropbox.

2/25/14 – Polling Online and Face-to-face

Whether you are checking for understanding, assessing prior knowledge, or gauging student interest, polling in both face-to-face and online environments provides instantaneous, formative assessment that meaningfully inform your teaching.

3/4/14 – ThingLink

With this easy to use image annotation tool, you and your students can provide contextualized audio, video, text, and links that help to explain or add to a visual representation.

3/11/14 – VoiceThread

Peer review student work, debate, discuss, or problem-solve using the VoiceThread media-centric conversation space in the cloud.

3/25/14 – MindMeister and MindNode

Organize your thoughts on an idea or project using these easy-to-use mind mapping apps.  Users can explore ideas and the relationships that exist among them.

4/1/14 – Evernote, Skitch, and Penultimate

With Evernote, you can type, create reminders, and access them anywhere. With Skitch, you can take notes directly on images or pdf files. With Penultimate, you can take notes as if you were using a pen and paper, store them, and then, thanks to the tool’s handwriting analysis capabilities, search the text of your notes.  And, by leveraging the syncing capabilities of Evernote, you can view all of these products’ notes and annotations anywhere.

4/8/14 – Padlet, Lino, and Google Drawing

Are you looking for ways to encourage collaboration and interaction at a distance?  Padlet, Lino, and Google Drawings make it possible for your students to brainstorm, plan, and draw using shared online workspaces.

4/15/14 –

Members of the GSU community can access’s entire library of software and programming training at  Instructors seeking to integrate technology into their teaching can build playlists and then share them with their students, making it easier than ever to try something new.

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